Our swift institute of nursing endeavours to create nursing professionals by equipping them with practical knowledge  & experience  & providing them, the exposure necessary for their  development in their fields.

All the Nursing Laboratories are well equipped as per the guidelines of Indian Nursing Council and spacious enough to accommodate 50-60 students.

Swift Institute of Nursing 1. Fundamentals Of Nursing Lab: Well furnished and equipped laboratory is basically for B.Sc. (N), G.N.M, Post Basic Nursing students to develop skill in imparting basic nursing care to patients like meeting personal hygiene needs; elementary needs etc and practicing basic nursing procedures. Equipment and area are according to the norms of INC.

2. Anatomy and Physiology Lab:Nursing Eligibility Anatomy and Physiology have covered area 1700 sq. ft and is equipped with 3D models, charts and skeletons necessary as an aid for subjects like Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Surgical Nursing. Video and audio aids are available in form of CD's for the students to learn the further details about anatomy & physiology.

3. Nutrition Lab: Nutrition Lab covers around area of 1500 sq,ft and is basically for B.Sc. , G.N.M and Post Basic Nursing students. It fully equipped with modern electronic gadgets like food processor, refrigerator and other utensils for practical demonstration with A-Class working tables. Central gas supply is available in the kitchen and the concept of special dietary requirements as per the disease conditions is explained and demonstrated in the lab by the subject experts.

BSC Nursing Colleges In Punjab 4. Community Health Nursing Lab: Community health nursing lab is replica of modern -cum-traditional community with all facilities required for field demonstration and orientation of students for the community exposure. The Laboratory is well equipped with family folders (including proforma for health assessment of infant, toddler, preschool, school going children, adult, geriatric age group & special groups like Antenatal, Intranatal, Postnatal mother etc), referral cards, Community Health Nursing bags, health education materials, models, puppets, etc required for providing for comprehensive services to the community folks.

5. MCH LAB: MCH Lab is for Diploma and Degree students equipped with all the requisite articles for developing the skills of students for handling normal and complicated deliveries. The students gain skills in imparting comprehensive maternity care and child care.

6. Pre-clinical Lab: This lab is used for both courses gnm and bsc. Pre-clinical lab is equipped with all important wet specimen and equipments like microscope, glucometer agar media which help to enhance the learning of students by providing demonstration in microbiology and biochemistry. This lab helps to support the performance and identification of various clinical investigations.

7. Advanced nursing skill laboratory :- Our college provide traning to all the nursing students by teaching them about advanced nursing procedures to impart efficient nursing care which helps the life of person in life threatning conditions . Advanced nursing skill lab is established in 1700sq foot area. We have fully furnished lab which is equiped with advanced cpr training manikin, patient education trcheostomy set training, nursing baby, multifunctional full fuctional vein injection, simulators, normal delivery kit, etc which gave the exact replica of performing the advanced procedures.

ANM Nursing College 8. Computer Lab: Spacious Computer lab is available in campus well equipped with latest configured Computers. Internet facility (Wi-Fi) 24*7, Printing facilities are available to students for study and research reference.
Libraries are the most enduring institutions which serve as center of discovery and communication and lead to exchange of information amongst superlative minds.
The Library of the Institute is ameliorated with literature including journals, magazines, news papers and books of latest editions. Our Library is furnished with bulk of books related to Medicine, Surgery, Nursing, General Knowledge, Biological Sciences and Social Sciences. The foreign Journals & Indian Journals are available and updated regularly to enhance the knowledge of all students. Computer and Internet facilities are also available for the students to help them upgrade their knowledge and awareness and keep them updated with all the substantial current developments.

Swift Campus FacilitiesTo boost the sense of sportsmanship & championship & also to nurture sense of leadership qualities amongst our miraculous students , we have procurement of sports field & equipments such as :Swift Campus

Volley ball, Basket ball ,Handball ,Crow ball ,Foot ball , Cricket , Pool , Badminton , Kabaddi.We also have procurement for indoor games like Chess , Carom board , Table tennis, and also we have upgraded international gymnasium.

Hostel Accommodation In Swift To nourish the talents and personality of our students we have various clubs like :
Kite club  especially for kite lovers.
Cookery club (many students have enrolled in this club to reveal their expertise & talents in cooking & to experiment in this  segment with various ingredients to eventuate interesting delicacies.
Personality development club to enhace the personality of all students and developing their confidence.
Intellectual club comprises of quiz ,Debates & Group discussions.
Arts club for our artistic students who are fantastic in rangoli and other arts.
Swift Nursing Campus