Postgraduate Research

Name of supervisor Name of candidate Type of Project Title of Thesis Year
Jashanjit Singh Varun Dixit Research Formulation and Evaluation of sustained release tablets of Alfuzosin Hydrochloride 2019
Jashanjit Singh Neeraj Research Development and Characterization of mouth dissolving film of Topiramate 2019
Dr. Manish Kumar Aadil Wani Research In vitro  anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities of Juglans regia root bark extracts 2019
Anshu Gupta Mayank Kumar Research Development and in vitro evaluation of Nanosuspension Loaded Fast Dissolving Buccal Film of Cephalexin 2019
Anshu Gupta Navdeep Mehta Research Formulation and Evaluation of matrix tablets of Ibuprofen: A treatment for chronic osteoarthritis 2019
Anshu Gupta Payal Research Formulation and Evaluation of Atenolol Tablet using Pulsatile DDS. A Chronotherapy Approach 2018
Manish Kumar Lavleen Kaur Research Investigation of effects of spirulina on L-methionine induced vascular dementia in rats 2018
Manish Kumar Shahnawaz Maqbool Research To evaluate the metabolic and behavioural effects of modafinil in rats 2018
Manish Kumar Monica Chail Research Behavioural outcome of sucrose and sucrose-substitute exposure and withdrawal in diabetes 2018
Nadeem Khan Jalees Azad Shapoo Research Potential effects of Citrus Sinensis peel extract against diabetic cardiomyopathy in alloxan induced diabetic rats 2018
Nadeem Khan Indu Arora Research Anxiolytic and motor coordination activity of Cucurbita moschata seed extracts in mice 2018
Jashanjit Singh Sunil Kumar Research Technology Transfer of Lozenges as local anaesthetic formulation 2018
Tania Munjal Ravneet Kaur Research Formulation and evaluation of nandrolone headed nanostructured lipid carriers for oral delivery 2018
Tania Munjal Reena Thakur Research Formulation and characterisation of methotrexate loaded eudragit coated mucoadhesive microspheres for oral delivery 2018
Anshu Gupta Mukul Sharma Research Development and in-vitro ex-vivo evaluation of domperidone microsphere loaded buccoadhesive films 2018
Anshu Gupta Khalid Amin Bhat Research Development and in-vitro evaluation of Frovatriptan Succinate monohydrate nanoemulsion: Intra nasal delivery treatment of migraine 2018
Jashanjit Singh Amanjot Kaur Research Development and characterisation of buccoadhesive film of chlorpheniramine maleate 2018
Anshu Gupta Parteek Gupta Research Formulation and evaluation of Famotidine tablet: A floating drug delivery approach 2017
Jashanjit Singh Randeep Singh Research Development and characterisation of buccoadhesive film of  Ondansetron hydrochloride 2017
Nadeem Khan Archana Sharma Research Comparative efficacy study of different polymer based Mesalamine delayed release granules in TNBS-induced IBD model Wistar rats 2017
Nadeem Khan Imtiyaz Ahmed Najar Research Ameliorative effect of ethanolic extract of Pomelo peel (Citrus grandis) in alloxan induced diabetic cardiomyopathy in rats 2017
Nadeem khan Imran Ibni Gani Rather Research Pharmacological  modulation of Rho GTPase attenuates mecamylamine precipitated nicotine withdrawal syndrome in mice 2016
Anshu Gupta Jaspinder Kaur Research Formulation and Evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of Ibuprofen using natural and synthetic polymers. 2014