All the below courses are approved by the Govt. of Punjab and Affiliated to Punjabi University , Patiala

The emerging advancements in technologies the world over have tremendously improved the efficiency and productivity of industry & business. Globalization, liberalization and privatization have pressurized Indian business to compete internationally. This has significantly increased the demand of professionals with excellence. It is in this context that Master & Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration have been introduced by the Swift Technical Campus. Apart from these courses , the technical campus has also taken care of the computer related , societal needs and commercial requirements of the society and has been significantly contributing in extending educational facilities.


M.B.A (Master of Business Administration)

The Programme strives to inculcate a knack for self-management along with all the necessary knowledge and professional skills among the aspirants, which can gear them up for shouldering managerial and administrative responsibilities in their career. In order to make available the quality managers in the field of Human Resource , Finance & Marketing , a programme of Master of Business Administration is being run by the STC. Our modern teaching methodology and state-of-the-art infrastructure add to the value of the prescribed curriculum.
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B.C.A (Bachelor in Computer Application)

This career program has been launched to produce Industry ready professional experts in programming techniques & the technologies in demand. It offers knowledge & skills to the students heading for a career in the IT field and also equips the students with skills required for IT sector.The objective of the course is to meet the manpower requirements of the fast developing software industry & the institutions of higher learning.
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B. Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

With the boom in economy in past years, job opportunities have increased in the areas of education, government, business, management, MNCs and NGOs, retail sectors, banking, consultancy, finance, insurance ,FMCG, consumer durables, IT, advertising and media. This Programme provides in depth knowledge of commerce & economics. By pursuing the course, the students attain analytical skills which help them in broadening their vision and understanding. It provides them ample opportunities to enter in to the managerial & other higher positions in banking , industries & allied fields.
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B.A (Bachelor in Arts)

To keep pace with the changing social, economic, political , historical & cultural requirements of the society , Swift Technical Campus is running the Degree of Bachelor of Arts . The course inculcates moral, ethical & social values among the students .They may go in for higher studies in specialized fields, Join civil services & other courses of general nature. The arts and humanities encompass a range of subjects that are all concerned with cultural expression and how it has come to take the forms that exist today. This degree provides the students the opportunities to explore & preserve human culture, history, art, literature, music and religions of the twenty-first century. Students can acquire qualifications on the way to a degree in Humanities or in Arts and these qualifications provide stepping stones to a wide range of other diplomas & degrees. The students will gain insight into the modern world we live in and how we got to where we are. They pick up skills in information management and analysis, communication and presentation, and the valuable ability to think both creatively and critically.
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Subjects Offered for B.A Programme :-

Punjabi (Elective)
Political Science
Public Administration
Physical Education