The Library of the Institute is enriched with literature including journals, magazines, news papers and books with latest editions. There are large numbers of books related to Mechanical, Automotive, Computer Science, Electronics, Civil Engineering field. Additional books from Business management, personality development, etc are also available. The foreign Journals & Indian Journals are supplied regularly in adequate number. Computer and Internet facilities are provided to meet the students needs.
Hostel Block
A separate hostel for girls as well as for boys is available in the campus. It is well furnished hostel with facilities of mess, recreation Room and sick room, a full time warden is employed to look after the students in case of emergency. Shared accommodation with necessary toilet, bathroom and a pantry are available. Hostellers are provided separate Bed, Table, Chair and a large sized Cupboard. The rooms are well furnished, and have electricity backups arrangements.
The society has pressed 42 seater buses in service for transporting the students from Chandigarh, Mohali, Ambala & Patiala to the campus. Additional vehicles are also available in case of emergency.
To supplement theoretical knowledge with practical skills, well-equipped laboratories with calibrated and sophisticated equipment conforming to the latest technologies trends and university requirements have set up by STC. Some of the prominent laboratories are:
    Applied Sciences Labs :
Applied Sciences department keeps pace with the rapid advancement in technology by providing well-equipped labs and teaching to the students. All the applied sciences labs have state-of-the-art infrastructure. The study of theory subjects and hands on experimental set-ups help the students in strengthening their core engineering knowledge. The department includes three labs :

    Physics lab :

The laboratory is equipped with the latest instruments. There is a separate Dark Room for the lab for performing Holography and other laser optics related experiments. The lab includes instruments like Stewart & Gee's Tangent Galvanometer, Dielectric Constant measurement kit, Laser source (diode laser), optical bench, laser accessories, diffraction grating, Michelson's Interferometer, He-Ne Laser, Advanced Optical Fiber Kit 'SCIENTECH' model 2501, Optical power meter, Optical Fiber cable, Quinck's tube with stand, FeCl3 electromagnet, Traveling Microscope etc.

    Chemistry lab :
The institute has a well built, spacious and fully equipped lab. The main equipments in the lab include Conductivity Bridge, Redwood Viscometer, Flash Point apparatus, pH meter, Colorimeter etc. To make the students aware of the hazards of the chemicals in the lab and safety precautions to be taken while working are introduced to the students during the first lab session. The lab provides an environment which encourages an inquisitive mind, investigate approach and this helps the students in developing competence and confidence. The students also foster good laboratory practice.

    Language Laboratory :
The language lab has a great role in making successful language teaching method in a very novelistic way. The innovativeness of the programmes , with specially designed courses make the production of requisite pedagogical materials imperative, particularly in the case of teaching English language. Study materials production, including the production of audio- visual materials is an important activity among the faculty. The language lab with the facility of audio and video recordings and educational software are very useful for that purpose. The language lab organizes seminars, group discussion, workshops, various aspects of educational technology, speech techniques etc.
The language lab is extensively used for teaching and learning from 9 Am to 4 PM on working days. A facility of video conference system is also available for the betterment of students.

    Mechanical & Automotive Engineering Department
  • Metrology and Measurements
  • Automobile
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Material Testing
  • Product Innovation
  • CAD and CAE
  • Workshop consisting of Carpentry, Fitting, Smithy, Sheet Metal, Welding Shop

    Electronics & Computer Engineering Department
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab.
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab.
  • Control System Lab.
  • Communication Lab.
  • Computational and Simulation Lab.
  • Operating System
  • Programming Language Lab.
  • Networking lab.