Past Results(Students with distinction)
Prabhek Singh(Foundation year)
Meer Mudasir(Level 1 Mechanical)
Gautam Chadda(Level 1 Mechanical)
Bikramjeet(Level 1 CNCT)
Harpreet Singh(Level 1 CNCT)
Hrishikesh Sharma(Foundation year)
Other Achievements

First position in Circuit Switch Craft competition in Tech Fest at CIIS(Jalvehra) by Bikramjeet and Harpreet Singh
First position in gaming competition by Manpreet Singh

First position in Bhangra at CIIS
First Position in Badminton Championship at SGOC: Bikramjeet

  • First Position in Posture Making Competition Grabbed by: Manpreet Singh and Sandeep Singh
  • Second Position Grabbed by: Bikramjeet
  • Third Position by: Navdeep Singh and Gautam Chadda
Second Position in 100m race grabbed by: Lakshay Sharma